1. Lignano LIDOCITY provides its customers a beach equipment rental service including: use of beach umbrella with two sun loungers, or one sun lounger and one decker chair, sanitary facilities, showers, assistance from the beach establishment and animation (if any), lifeguard and first aid services.
  2. When a booking is made for renting beach equipment and related services supplied by Lignano LIDOCITY, referred to in point 1, the customer declares that he or she knows and accepts each and every one of these rules.
  3. Weekly and daily tickets give customers the right to use the service rented as long as they follow these rules to the letter. If just one of the rules set out herein is violated the establishment has the right to terminate supply of the services and the customer forfeits any sum paid.
  4. For the whole time spent on the beach the customer shall keep with him records proving his right to use beach services in electronic or paper form, so it can be readily shown to staff conducting checks. Anyone found using beach services without a receipt will have to pay the full daily rate of one beach lot.
  5. Bookings shall not be refunded for any reason whatsoever (change of mind, bad weather, high tides, heavy seas, natural disasters, etc.).
  6. Decker chairs or sun loungers cannot be borrowed from other beach lots.
  7. Every beach umbrella has room for at most four people and gazebos six. We recommend that these numbers are not exceeded to prevent overcrowding.
  8. Customers shall behave properly and fittingly so as not to cause disturbances. Otherwise they shall be sent away from the beach establishment, asked to pay damages if they cause any and may even be reported to Public Safety Authorities.
  9. The management reserves the right to refuse bookings made by individuals or families who have behaved badly in the past or damaged beach property or injured customers, or are in default for any reason whatsoever.
  10. The management reserves the option of adding more rows of beach umbrellas, and has the option of moving customers elsewhere when necessary with the same condition as the beach lot assigned before, where possible.
  11. The customer shall use rented equipment carefully so as not to damage it and inform the management of LIDOCITY if it malfunctions. Users must pay for any damage caused intentionally or unintentionally to equipment belonging to LIDOCITY.
  12. The management does not answer for any reason for items or property belonging to customer damaged or stolen on or off the beach lot; customers are thus advised not to leave money, valuables, clothing, toys, mattresses or other personal belongings unattended.
  13. Customers are forbidden to bring their own decker chairs, sun loungers, chairs, beach umbrellas, parasols, tents or any other unauthorised installation in the areas managed by LIDOCITY.
  14. It is permitted to do sports and play games such as volley ball, football, bowls, etc. only in designated areas. The management shall not be held responsible for any property damage or injuries caused by those practising sports.
  15. For safety reasons holes dug by customers for playing on the beach must be relatively small and filled in before they leave them.
  16. Except for guide dogs for the blind, animals are not allowed on the grounds of the beach establishment, even if muzzled or on a leash.
  17. It is forbidden to get around the establishment on bicycles or other vehicle that can hurt people or damage property.
  18. Toilets, wash basins and showers must be left clean and tidy. It is not allowed to use shampoo or bath foam in beach showers.
  19. Rubbish should be placed in the correct rubbish bin depending on what it is. It is forbidden to put rubbish elsewhere, even just for a moment.
  20. It is not allowed to throw cigarette butts or other rubbish on the shore.
  21. It is forbidden to leave beach umbrellas, decker chairs, boats or other objects near the shore included in the 5 metres from the water-line blocking the way and bathers. This also applies to areas exceeding five metres from the water-line up to the first row of beach umbrellas, if any.
  22. No fires can be lit on the beach. Transgressors shall be reported to the Public Safety Authorities.
  23. Games and toys available for small children can only be lent to them when accompanied by their parents or an adult taking care of them. The management shall not be held responsible if any games or toys are used improperly.
  24. Children under 10 years of age are not allowed in the whirlpool tubs.
  25. LIFEGUARD SERVICE - what the flags mean:
    YELLOW: strong winds – beach umbrellas must be closed
    RED: bathing is dangerous due to bad weather or no lifeguard service available
    When the red flag is raised we strongly advise against going in the waterand LIDOCITY shall not be held responsible for anyone who ignores this warning. On very windy days beach umbrellas must stay closed at all times. Under these circumstances every customer must follow the instructions of beach establishment staff.
    It is not allowed to hang out on lifeguard vessels, handle rescue equipment or stay in the area of the lifeguard station.
  26. Customers must follow these rules as well as the rules of the Ordinance of the Municipality of Lignano Sabbiadoro and the harbourmaster's office of the Port of Lignano and Municipal Rules on use of public beaches. These rules are displayed at the entrance of the beach establishment. Anyone who fails to follow these rules shall be ordered to leave.


For any clarifications, please ask the staff at the ticket office.

Useful Numbers:

Emergency - Tel. +39 118

Municipal Police (emergency) - Tel. +39 (0431) 73004